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15th Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference 2024

Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee

May 29-31, 2024

Greening up Your ED

Climate change brings many challenges for the future, including for us in the ED! By working well together, with clear goals and a strong vision, we are able to achieve sustainable solutions.
In a fun and creative way we’ll work with the students towards a climate-neutral future in the ED. During the day they’ll have interactive workshops and discussions and will be working on their personal project plan under experienced guidance. There will also be dedicated “in-depth sessions”, for those that are already quite invested in greening up their ED.

The “in-depth sessions”.

  • Prevention & Nutrition
  • Medication & Environment
  • Ethics & Reduce Care
  • Politics & Lobby

Take home: Practical tips & tricks; A project plan; The Green ER Toolkit, offering you great guidance for a “Green Future”!

Wednesday May 29, 2024
€ 250,-
09:00 – 17:00 h
  • Trudy van Dijken (course director)
  • Aniek Crombach
  • Egon Zwets
  • Corien Gudden
  • Kirsten van Meerten
  • Else de Ridder
  • Anne Roosendaal

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