13th Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference 2021

Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond at Sea 2-4 June 2021

Wednesday June 2, 2021

Antibiotics in the Emergency Department

Frequently the Emergency Department is a gateway to clinical care. Many patients with infectious diseases will be present here, where timely administration of appropriate antibiotics can be lifesaving. However, unnecessary use or inappropriate antibiotics can lead to patient and community harms, including the harms associated with adverse events, treatment failure and antimicrobial resistance. This course will provide the doctor in the emergency department with knowledge and tools to not only choose the right antibiotics under time pressure, but also to understand why this antibiotic is preferred above others.

“When should I cover atypical microorganisms? When should I add an aminoglycoside in urosepsis? Does this patient have a higher chance of having a sepsis with a HRMO and how should I treat it?” These are just a few of the questions that are addressed during the course.

We will discuss the mechanisms of action, indications, dosages and side effects of most antibiotics classes. Further we will learn about the most common pathogens and how they are cultured or detected to come to the right diagnosis.

Time 13:00 – 17:00 h
Faculty Evelien de Jong, Jan Sinnige, Marieke Opdam
Costs € 150,-

Emergency Department Design and Planning

In 2012 the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) terminology project defined an emergency department (ED) as: The area of a medical facility devoted to the provision of an organized system of emergency medical care that is staffed by Emergency Medicine Specialist Physicians and/or Emergency Physicians (EPs) and has the basis resources to resuscitate, diagnose and treat patients with medical emergencies. The ED is an unique location at which patients are guaranteed access to emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is able to deal with all types of medical emergencies (illness, injury and mental health) in all age groups.

EDs which are available and accessible 24/7 play a leading role in the delivery of hospital based acute care, including emergency care, to the population. Available resources and layout largely determine the abilities of such an acute medical service. Internationally design guidelines and standards from government agencies and EM professional organizations based on expert groups are available. No such standard or guideline exists for EDs in the Netherlands. We need to catch up here. During this mainly interactive precourse, the various aspects of ED design and planning from idea to realization are highlighted and discussed.

The faculty will be supported by internationally renowned specialists in the field of ED design and planning.

Time 8:30 – 17:00 h
Faculty Menno Gaakeer, Danielle Bussmann-Willemse en Arjan Vos
Supported by Philips Healthcare Consultancy
Costs € 150,-

POCUS Workshops and Dutch SONOGAMES 2021!

The ultrasound section invites you to a day full of POCUS lectures and workshops, led by international faculty. The morning program will prepare you for the afternoon battle, the second version of SONOGAMES on DutchEM! We will battle in little groups during these SONOGAMES, an ultrasound competition where you learn while competing with other participants. It is possible to pair together with a colleague to take the first prize home to your hospital!

To prepare you for this educational competition in the afternoon, the morning will focus on the latest insights in (advanced) cardiac, lung and abdominal ultrasound with an emphasis on the clinical implementation of POCUS in the patient with dyspnea, shock and cardiac arrest. We can adjust the groups by level of experience to be able to provide basic to advanced teaching. In the afternoon you will be teamed up with other precourse participants to get ready to battle in the SONOGAMES.

Some experience in ultrasound and familiarity with RUSH, BLU and FEEL protocols is recommended for this precourse. Sign up now to be part of this innovative precourse with global leaders in POCUS!

Link to sonogames example:

Time 9:00 – 17:00 h
Faculty Section Ultrasound NSEP
Costs € 200,-

Appetiser EM Masterclass

A small taste of an EM Masterclass! Several educational methods from EM Masterclass will be used and you will look at your daily cases from another perspective. Enthusiasm guaranteed.

Time 13:30 – 16:30 h
Faculty Pieter van Driel, Sander Manders, Sean Scott
Costs € 100,-

Only for SEH artsen KNMG and AIOS in the last six months of the training. Requirements: tablet or laptop.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

This first Pediatric Emergency Medicine Precourse is an interactive 1-day pre course brought to you by experienced Emergency Physicians and Pediatricians. This course starts where APLS stops. Different important subjects will be covered in short workshops in which the focus will be on the emergency care approach and a more in depth view of the (recent) literature behind the protocols.

Time 9:00 – 16:30 h
Course director Lidwien van Helmond, SEH-arts KNMG (Fellow)
  • Femke Geijsel, SEH-arts KNMG, FACEM, FRCEM
  • Mariska Zwartsenburg, SEH-arts KNMG
  • Dorine Geurts, kinderarts, Sophia Kinderziekenhuis
  • Dorine Borensztajn, kinderarts, Sophia Kinderziekenhuis
  • Anna Westra, kinderarts, Flevo ziekenhuis
Costs € 200,-

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#DEMC2020 geannuleerd

Op 21 april heeft het kabinet de maatregelen i.v.m. corona verlengd; tot onze grote spijt heeft dit als gevolg dat ook ons Dutch Emergency Medicine Conference van 2020 helaas wordt geannuleerd. De congrescommissie gaat nog nadenken over een mogelijk alternatieve dag in het najaar; maar zijn daar natuurlijk wederom afhankelijk van de maatregelen rondom de corona-crisis.

De geplande NVSHA-ALV van donderdag 4 juni zal overigens wel door gaan op de geplande tijd via een webinar. Hierover zal via het bestuur meer informatie volgen.

We gaan er vanuit dat we in 2021 wel weer een fantastisch DEMC voor jullie kunnen organiseren!

Namens de congrescommissie en het Bestuur NVSHA