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De volgende Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference zal plaatsvinden op 30/31 mei en 1 juni 2018.

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Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference

Welcome to the 11th Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference 2018 in Egmond aan Zee!

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The Netherlands Society of Emergency Physicians (NSEP) was founded in Amsterdam in 1999. At that time in The Netherlands, emergency medicine as an independent medical specialty was only an idea. Nowadays, eighteen years later, over 450 trained emergency physicians are working in 85 out of 93 emergency departments, of which sixteen are staffed by emergency physicians 24/7. In 27 training hospitals 150 residents are being trained. In a short period emergency medicine has become the future quality standard for emergency care in The Netherlands.

Since 2007 we have been organizing the Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference (DEMC). Over the years the Conference has grown in number of visitors.

On behalf of all committee members we welcome emergency physicians and other physicians interested in emergency medicine from The Netherlands, Europe and other parts of the world.

See you in Egmond!

Grietje Jelsma
President Conference Committee NSEP
Fabienne Roossien
Vice President Conference Committee NSEP